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Me & Bobby McGee cover – enjoy!

While waiting for poetry news and poetry teaching updates, here’s something to listen to on a sunny summer day.

listen to a poem on soundcloud

Pick an opening line:

  • “When spring began to breed mosquitos…” Listen
  • “Jim writes, ‘I feel like the designated scribe of the apocalypse…” Listen
  • “Mame, du host fayer gemakht…” (“Mama, you made fire…”) Listen
  • “The kicked them off the field, the Yeshiva boys…” Listen
  • “I was playing war with little men of plastic…” Listen
  • “His Grace, Duke Gonzaga, exempted Salomone Rossi Hebreo…” Listen
  • “There are some rotting joists in the crawlspace…” Listen
  • “How the rain, any rain, and the sun…” Listen

listen to my “Who’ll Stop the Rain” cover

Jon Fogarty/Creedence Clearwater Revival
Covered by Michael Jackman
vocal + guitar (1970 Guild D35) + ipad Garage Band, + Clip ends & fade out with Audacity. Enjoy!


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